A journey to discover flavours,
perfumes and colors capable of making you emotional.


Not a cuvée, but two Uvè.
The bubbles of Terrapremiata: a Rosé Brut, made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and a Brut made from Chardonnay. Two wines fermented in autoclave according to the Ancestral method, with gentle pressing, no addition of sugars, and no disgorging.


"LAMOROSA DE'MONTEVERDE" is an anecdote concerning a painting by Lorenzo Lotto. The work, dated between 1529 and 1534, is located in the church of Santa Maria della Pietà in Telusiano, in the municipality of Monte San Giusto, in the Marche region. It is a painting commissioned by the Bishop and Apostolic Legate Niccolò Bonafede.


The Sibillini Mountains, the gentle hills, a terrace, a table.
"At that precise moment, the man thought to himself: "What wouldn't I give for the joy of being by your side in Iceland under the still great day and sharing it now as one shares music or the taste of a fruit." At that precise moment, the man was beside her in Iceland."
I look at you, you look at me.
I think these words have enchanted this moment.
I wish it wouldn't end. I already miss this instant, and I'm tempted to say:
"Già mi manchi"
But you're here.


A "Quotidie vinum," a daily wine, born from the land it hails from and named after the place of its origin, expressing itself in every bottle of Rosso Piceno and Bianco Macerato. Handpicked with the selection of top-quality grape clusters.