Our vineyard was born on the hills of a splendid valley 30 km from the sea: Colle Monteverde

Today our vineyards are defined as a garden

But in reality there was no desire to create something beautiful as an end in itself, but only to respect the tradition of know-how .

The terrain

The land is located on a hill approximately 310 meters above sea level, 30 km as the crow flies from the Adriatic Sea, in the Monteverde area, municipality of Montegiorgio, in the province of Fermo.
The soil with East, North-East exposure is loose, mineral, rich in stone and tuff sand.
Its formation dates back to the Pleistocene period, from arenaceous-pelitic deposits, coming from the retreat of the seabed.

The Vineyard

The management of the vineyard is eco-friendly: phytosanitary defense with natural biostimulants, natural grassing with sub-row processing, the foliage is managed manually without invasive mechanization, with a unilateral Guyot training method.
Choice of qualitatively superior bunches.
All while respecting the life cycle of foraging insects and encouraging the development of all useful insects.

Our wines

Taste all our production lines, from Brut to Pinot Noir, passing through Sauvignon, Rosso Piceno and Bianco IGP.