Le Marche, a region rich in history and culture, our territory.

Le Marche

"Leopardi praised our hills... What sweet dreams the sight of that distant sea, those azure mountains on this side, inspired in me..." I'm not as poetic, but I embarked on this winery adventure because I've always felt fortunate to be born in this region. Le Marche.

This land has been blessed by nature, hence the name of the winery, TERRAPREMIATA.

Respect for the Territory

I've made a commitment that my cultivations will always respect the territory. Every process will be careful to maintain environmental balance, and the human aspect will always take priority.
Our winery is young—I say "our" because I share it with my children—but our vines are at least fifteen years old, and we take care of them in a way that ensures they remain healthy, without manipulations, and accepting what our land, which is proving particularly suited to vineyards, gives us.

Natural management

We are convinced that by respecting the land and the vineyards, supporting them with natural management, these
they will produce fruits which, as time passes, will increasingly improve the wines we produce. With the help of new technologies, respectful of natural processes, our products will not undergo manipulation of any kind.

All this will allow our products to be first of all healthy and, as we are already seeing, with a certain elegance and smoothness and excellent persistence.

Book your visit to the cellar

We invite you to book your visit to the cellar, where you will have the opportunity to explore the secrets and charm of our wine production, from the vineyard to the bottle. You will be immersed in a unique environment, surrounded by lush vineyards and the thousand-year history of our territory.

During the visit, you will have the opportunity to taste our selected wines, guided by expert oenologists who will take you on a sensorial journey through the aromas and flavors of our excellent wines.