Lamorosa de'Monteverde Pinot Noir

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Grape variety

Pinot Noir 100%


Produced only from Pinot Noir grapes with a limited yield
of 60 quintals per hectare. Ripening is constantly monitored through sensory analyzes of the grapes to determine the perfect phenolic, aromatic and polysaccharide maturity. The harvest takes place by hand using 10 kilogram boxes, in the period that varies from the first to the second ten days of September.


The destemmed grapes are carefully selected by hand using a vibrating table. Fermentation and maceration take place in truncated cone wooden vats for three weeks, refinement in French oak barriques, until the tannins are perfectly harmonised, then in the bottle for another 15 months.


In oak barrels, until the tannins are perfectly harmonized, then bottled for another 15 months.

Service temperature

16 – 18 °C. Naturally stabilized wine, without the use of additives, therefore some natural sediment may be present.

The Vineyard

Our vineyards lie on the hills of a splendid valley, 30 km from the sea: Colle Monteverde. The soil, situated at 310 meters above sea level and facing North-Northeast, is predominantly loose, mineral-rich, with a sandy texture: characteristics that enhance the organoleptic notes of our wine.
The vine training system is unilateral Guyot, with eco-friendly management and phytosanitary defense using natural biostimulants. Canopy management is done by hand without invasive mechanization, selecting only the highest quality grape clusters. Soil management includes natural cover cropping, under-vine cultivation, and manual harvesting in 10 kg crates to preserve grape quality.

Color, Aroma and Flavor: the tasting notes

On the nose

Intense, complex, ethereal aroma of small red fruits, rose petals, tea, tobacco, pepper and vanilla.

On the Palate

It is harmonious, medium-bodied with smooth tannins, a good tannin progression with an elegant and persistent finish.

The pairing

Various meat dishes and ragù. For connoisseurs with stewed swordfish.