Uvè Brut

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Grape variety



Ripening is constantly monitored through sensory analyzes of the grapes to determine the perfect aromatic, chromatic and polysaccharide maturity. The harvest takes place early in the morning to preserve the freshness of the grapes and avoid thermal oxidation of the typical aromas of the vine in 10 kilogram boxes, in the period that varies from the third to the fourth decade of August.


The whole grapes undergo soft pressing without the addition of sulphites, static clarification of the must using cold, pure, crystalline, an ancestral method fermented in an autoclave and left in contact with its own yeasts for 8 months. It offers great pleasure
and harmonious complexity in its youthful impetuosity.


In contact with its yeasts for 8-9 months with daily stirring.

Service temperature

8 – 10 °C

The Vineyard

Our vineyards lie on the hills of a splendid valley, 30 km from the sea: Colle Monteverde. The soil, situated at 310 meters above sea level and facing North-Northeast, is predominantly loose, mineral-rich, with a sandy texture: characteristics that enhance the organoleptic notes of our wine.
The vine training system is unilateral Guyot, with eco-friendly management and phytosanitary defense using natural biostimulants. Canopy management is done by hand without invasive mechanization, selecting only the highest quality grape clusters. Soil management includes natural cover cropping, under-vine cultivation, and manual harvesting in 10 kg crates to preserve grape quality.

Our selection of grapes

Color, Aroma and Flavor: the tasting notes

On the nose

It has an intense "bouquet" of acacia flowers, fruity plum and white peach, golden apple, gooseberry and grape.

On the Palate

In the glass you can notice an intense, enveloping and persistent perlage, medium body, when tasted it releases a fruit puree, apple, decan pear, a citrus nuance of cedar tree and a beautiful acidic structure that supports the aromas ensuring a very long persistence.

The pairing

Ideal as a welcome and on occasions.
Excellent with first courses with meat sauce and vegetables.
Absolutely worth trying with spaghetti with anchovies and bottarga.